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Retirement (Non-Pension)

Employees who are eligible for participation in the Utah Retirement Systems (URS) pension program are automatically enrolled in a 401(k) account with URS. The District pays the equivalent of 1.5% of eligible wages into this account each month. Eligible employees can also contribute into their 401(k) account through payroll deduction. The 401(k) is an investment account and values change on a daily basis. Employees have total control over the investment options their money is placed in. Investment options can be changed online or by form.

Through URS, eligible employees also have the option of opening other retirement accounts, including a 457 account, a Roth IRA and a Traditional IRA. Contributions to these accounts are also made through payroll deduction and investment options are controlled by the employee.

A separate set of laws and regulations governs each plan. For more information on plan design and investment options, view the links and files attached below or contact URS directly.

Utah Retirement Systems

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