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Computer Loan Program

Eligible employees can apply for an interest-free loan from the District for the purpose of purchasing one home computer or similar device and accompanying equipment and/or software. Loans may be made for a device with similar functionality to that of a computer at the discretion of the Business Administrator. Loans are made up to a maximum of $2,400 and not more often than once every 24 months per employee.

Eligible employees can purchase a computer/device and software/equipment for this program through any reputable vendor. The purchase receipts should be brought to the Business Office at which time a loan document will be written up and signed. A check for the amount of the loan will then be made out to the employee during the next accounts payable check run (usually each Thursday, but subject to change). Employees can use this check to pay off the original purchase.

Repayment through payroll deduction will begin on the next end-of-month check. A minimum of $100 per month is deducted although employees can elect to have a higher amount deducted. Full pay off can be made at any time.

Employees with questions should contact the District Business Administrator or Accounts Payable Specialist.