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Long-Term Disability

Emery School District offers optional Long-Term Disability insurance to eligible employees. This insurance is offered to qualifying employees on a cost-sharing basis. The District pays 50% of the premium (0.191% of wages) and the employee pays the other 50% (0.191% of wages) through a payroll deduction.

Long-Term Disability insurance provides up to 67% of employee wages prior to disablement, after social security and other benefits. There is an elimination period of 120 days, meaning that the employee must be disabled for 120 days before benefits can begin.

Employees need to sign up for LTD insurance within 31 days of being hired.

For more information, read the summary of insurance linked below or contact the District Benefits Specialist.

Hartford Life & Accident Insurance Company

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    P.O. Box 2999
    Hartford, CT 06104-1124
    (866) 460-1855 Ext 3343 toll-free