Emery County School District
2020 Bond Election
Bond Statements

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Utah law (code 59-1-1604) requires that a taxing entity submit an argument in favor of the bond election / ballot proposition.  It also allows eligible voters to submit an argument for or against the ballot proposition.  The ECSD pro-bond statement is included below. 

A statement or argument against the bond was not received.

Argument for the Issuance of $75M in School Improvement Bonds

The Emery County Board of Education is proposing to issue General Obligation Bonds to finance the building of two new schools and classroom additions.  A vote in favor of the issuance of $75,000,000 in school improvement general obligation bonds at the November 3rd election is a vote to build:
  • New 9-12 high school replacing Emery High
  • New K-5 elementary school replacing Ferron Elementary
  • Classroom addition for Bookcliff Elementary
Due to the advancing age of our buildings, the cost to maintain and upgrade our buildings is more than our current capital outlay revenue.  Emery High and Ferron Elementary have been prioritized as our schools with the most urgent need for replacement.  Emery High serves 9-12 grade students of Emery, Ferron, Clawson, Orangeville, Castle Dale, Lawrence, Huntington, Cleveland, and Elmo.  Ferron Elementary serves K-5 students from Ferron, Clawson and Emery.  Bookcliff Elementary serves K-6 students from Green River.

The original portion of Emery High was built in 1961 with additions in 1970, 1982, and 1989.  Originally designed for 300 students, it currently serves over 600 students.  Mobile classrooms have been added to meet the expanded needs.  The CTE classrooms were not designed for our current class sizes.  Heating, cooling and sewer systems are antiquated, inefficient, expensive, and difficult to maintain.  The building is not equipped to meet current technology needs. 

Ferron Elementary opened in 1964 with remodels in 1966 and 1981.  The school also uses part of the original South Emery High building constructed in 1918.  HVAC systems are obsolete and require constant maintenance.  The electrical system is inefficient and inadequate for current technology needs.  Water and sewer systems are no longer accessible, requiring rerouting and difficult maintenance. 

Book Cliff Elementary has utilized a portable classroom unit for many years.  This unit is nearing the end of its useful life.  A classroom addition will allow for all programs to be held within the main building. 

If the bond were to pass, the District plans to begin construction on the new Emery High School simultaneously with Ferron Elementary in 2021.  The Book Cliff Elementary project would follow.  This will allow current school maintenance funds to support the other schools in our district.  The bond funding is structured to plan for additional Emery Schools to be replaced in 2026 without additionally increasing taxes.

This is the ideal time to issue new bonds because interest rates are still at low levels, and the bonds would be issued under the State School Bond Guarantee Program, giving the District the lowest possible interest rates.  If the economy in our county slows or declines, our taxing ability will also diminish eliminating this opportunity for our current students and those that we will serve for 50+ more years.

Let’s do this for our kids, our schools, our future.