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If you have a child with a special consideration...

Contact our District School Nurses at 435-381-2252
Lori Tuttle  BSN-RN

Per district policy and Utah State Laws, certain forms are required:
Allergy and Anaphylaxis
Head Injuries
STUDENT NEEDS MEDICATIONS WHILE ATTENDING SCHOOL Medication Authorization Form: This form is required for any medications other than Tylenol that have to be administered while a child is at school. The form is not valid without parent and prescriber signatures.
STUDENT NEEDS A SPECIAL DIET WHILE ATTENDING SCHOOL Special Meal Request Form: This form is to be completed by a medical professional and have the parent and prescriber signatures.
Checklist for Foods to Exclude and Substitute: This form is not valid without parent and prescriber signatures.


Access the Utah Department of Health's website outlining the required immunizations by clicking this link: School Immunization Requirement

Please keep in mind that immunization requirements apply to all incoming kindergarten and seventh grade students. Students that are new to the district will also need to be current on immunizations.

Information will be provided upon registration. Information to complete an exemption for immunization may be accessed on the Utah Department of Health: Immunization Program website. Follow the directions under Online Immunization Education Module.

PLEASE NOTE: Immunization exemption must be completed at kindergarten and again at seventh grade. When the education module is completed, an exemption certificate will be emailed. The certificate must be provided to the school.