Special Education Preschool Coordinator:

Amanda Nelson
Contact @ 435-749-0216 or
Castle Dale Elementary(435) 381-5221

We are a public & Special Education Preschool run by the Emery County School district.  We are located throughout the district in five elementary schools.
Our program emphasizes the whole development of children.  We promote the physical development of children by encouraging healthy play, the cognitive development that prepares the child for Kindergarten, and the social emotional development that focuses on self-regulation, social skills, problem-solving, and age-appropriate behavior.  We serve children with special needs and typically developing children ages 3-5.  Our program provides an individualized, fun and structured environment that strengthens each child’s speech, language, math, physical, literacy, social, and emotional skills.  The program follows the current researched based curriculum and standards designed to prepare children to enter elementary school.


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Preschool Locations
Pre-K Coordinator
Amanda Nelson
(435) 749-0216

Book Cliff Elementary
(435) 564-8102
Assistant Lead
Emilie Nelson
(435) 564-8102

Cleveland Elementary
(435) 653-2235
Assistant Lead
Beth Lyons
(435) 653-2235

Cottonwood Elementary
(435) 748-2481
Assistant Lead 
Erin Hurdsman
(435) 748-2481

Ferron Elementary
(435) 384-2383
Assistant Lead
Stephanie Olsen
(435) 384-2383

Huntington Elementary
(435) 687-9954
Assistant Lead
Heidi McArthur
(435) 687-9954

*Developmental Screener:
If you are interested in enrolling your child in the Emery School District Preschool Program or would like developmental testing please complete the ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2.  Once both questionnaires are completed the preschool coordinator will follow up with an appointment.



*Student Registration Form
*Certified Birth Certificate
*Immunization Records
*Tuition spots are available but are based on a first come, first serve basis.
Depending on availability and room (20 students), students are able to attend preschool based on the following tuition standards:
  • 3-years old- 2 days a week- Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday (A.M or P.M) $50/Month
  • 4-years old- 4 days a week and tuition is $80/Month.

Emery School District,RUCD,Head Start & Upstart
Child Find and Community Resources
Screenings include Vision, Hearing, Speech/Lsnguage Click for more Information 
Waterford Upstart

 UpStart Kindergarten Readiness Online Program
Nanette Harrison
CastleDale Elem. 435-381-5221

UPSTART gives families a free, easy-to-use, online, at-home kindergarten readiness program that, used with a traditional pre-K program or on its own, will start their children on the path to success in school.  The UPSTART curriculum is provided by Waterford Instititute & consists of using the program 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  If interested in enrolling please contact Nanette Harrison.

Click for Waterford Flyer in English
Click for Waterford Flyer in Spanish

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Early Interventions

Services for children birth to 3 years old contact

Parents of children birth to 3, click here (or use the QR code) to complete a FREE Online Developmental screening.  Please complete both the ASQ-3 and the ASQ-SE screeners.  A member of the SEEIP staff will reach out to you to review the results.  

Visit our website at https://idrpp.usu.edu/seeip/ or click the QR code to learn more.

Helping infants and toddlers reach their developmental milestones.

15 East 600 North suite B
Castle Dale, Utah 84513