Board President's Message
School Board Members
Board President, District 2

PO Box 246
Orangeville, UT 84537

(435) 749-0098
Term Ends: January 2021
Board Vice President, District 4

PO Box 1138
Huntington, UT 84528

(435) 687-9001
Term Ends: January 2023

Board Member, District 1

PO Box 518
Ferron, UT 84523

(435) 749-9729
Term Ends: January 2021
Board Member, District 5

PO Box 134
Green River, UT 84525

(435) 749-9992
Term Ends: January 2023
Board Member, District 3

PO Box 856
Castle Dale, UT 84513

(435) 770-9549
Term Ends: January 2021
School Board Meeting Calendar
The Board of Education generally holds meetings on the first Wednesday of each month at 7 pm. Work sessions are often held at 6:30 prior to the regular meeting.  While school is in session, the Board rotates meeting locations between schools. In the summer, meetings are held at the School District office in Huntington.  Scheduled meetings for 2020 and 2021 are listed with an attachment below.

2020 Board Meeting Calendar
2021 Board Meeting Calendar
Citizen Participation Guide
Request to Address the Board of Education